"Great workshop!  These are great tools.  It's not just what you did, but how you did it.  Beautiful for different levels of players.

Thank you! - I Learned much."

"Best workshop so far this festival."

"Thank you.  Fab pace, I learned loads.  Loved the fact that you don't let people ping and pluck (when you are talking/demonstrating).  Most enjoyable workshop."


"Fantastic workshop at a fantastic festival.  Thank you so much!"

"Thank you!  Great materials, very clear tuition and a whole lot of fun - I felt like I achieved a lot in a short time.  Brilliant.  More!  More!"


"Well planned, well delivered, fun and informative."

"Great fun and learnt all the five techniques.  Enjoyed the singing with the riffs etc. added in.  Very good handout too made it easy to follow."  Jane Nash - Australia

"Excellent workshop - fun and informative - Thank you!"

"The absolute best workshop ever.  Great explanations.  Great fun.  Learnt loads.  Can't wait until next year!"


"Stuart - you are an excellent teacher!"  Larry - USA