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Learn and Jam

Find out more about DUKES Absolute Beginners' Induction Opportunites, DUKES Easy Peasy Hour and DUKES Jam

DUKES Absolute Beginners' Induction Opportunites

  • Contact us in advance to arrange your induction lesson.​

  • You will join in with the Easy Peasy Hour the following week.

DUKES Easy Peasy Hour


6.00 pm - 7.00 pm (Troqueer Parish Church Centre (TPCC))


  • For those who fancy playing and singing songs with easy chords. A few extra teaching points will be thrown in for good measure.


DUKES Jam (Dukestra, Teaching and Learning and Own Choice)


7.15 pm - 8.15 pm (TPCC)


Dukestra (1st and 3rd Monday)

  • A more in-depth look at songs.

  • Creating Uke and Vocal parts to get you sounding like a Ukulele Orchestra.

  • Over time you will build up a repertoire of arrangements that could make useful additions to your performing opportunities.


Teaching and Learning (2nd and 4th Monday)

  • Chord-Based: Featuring songs from the 'Big Fat File File' of 206 Songs, we will focus on chords, strums, picks, tricks and other teaching points normally found in workshops. 

  • Workshop-Based: Focussing on a particular aspect of ukulele playing. 


Own Choice (5th Monday)

  • You choose the songs (From the 'Easy Peasy Songbooks') - Come armed with your favourite!

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