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DUKES Resources

Current Diary, Enrolment & Calendar/Fees

Diary, Session Content & Fees

DUKES Enrolment Form

Calendar/Fees 2023

The Easy-Peasy Hour, Absolute Beginners Induction & Enrolment

Beginners Guide

Easy Peasy Songbook 1

Learning Journey

Easy Peasy Songbook 2

DUKES Enrolment Form

Easy Peasy Christmas

Absolute Beginners Induction Videos

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The BIG FAT File

Singalonga Christmas

Teaching and Learning Pack: January - March, 2023

Ukulele Chord Dictionary

Chord Chart 1

Christmas Chord Chart

Dukestra Book 1

Dukestra Book 2

Easy Peasy Christmas

Chord Chart 2

Dukestra Easy Peasy

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